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You buy and purchase Travelmii.com v. / 

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Acceptance of subscription terms

By creating and agreeing to a membership/subscription, you agree that we may deduct the stated and agreed amount in accordance with the subscription (also called the member period) period of the selected product/service. When purchasing a subscription/membership on Travelmii.com , we will automatically renew your subscription period (also called the membership period) until you terminate your subscription/membership through your account on Travelmii.com or the subscription area yourself.  

Prices for subscriptions / memberships are described in “prices” found in the menu, but it is stated at DKK 9 for an intro period of 3 days, which subsequently costs DKK 199/ month. incl. VAT, all amounts in DKK. The subscription is as stated continuously and runs until you cancel it yourself. Customer service cannot terminate it for you.  

When you create a Travelmii.com user, it is your personal login and therefore you may not share access with others or used to pass on information to anyone other than you. We reserve the right to close your access without notice as well as a refund if the rules are violated.

We make reservations for typos in our content and are not responsible for the content of the articles, news, reviews, etc. which is available on Travelmii.com. Opinions and recommendations are solely for inspiration.

Email Statement of Assent:
You agree that Travelmii.com may send you emails and newsletters at the email address provided by you when you subscribe. The frequency of emails depends on your settings on the page. Newsletters are sent 1-2 times a week, however max. 5 times a week. You can expect to receive newsletters with general information, content, advertisements and sponsors regarding rental, housing tips and tricks, do it yourself, relocation, storage, competitions , refurbishment loans , etc.

Termination and binding period / termination notice 

You can cancel your subscription at the earliest of 12 hours after creation/renewal and no later than 12 hours before renewal/expiration of your subscription to Travelmii.com due to technical reasons and payment management, data registration etc.

In the event of termination, the subscription will no longer be withdrawn until it is resumed or renewed.

If in doubt, customer service is ready to help you.
We point out that customer service cannot cancel for you, this must be done through the user area and  it will then appear on your page that the subscription has been canceled correctly.

A customer service notice of termination is therefore not valid.

Procedure for the subscription uplift 

Ongoing subscriptions are renewed automatically and ensure full access to the portal, etc. without having to actively do anything besides unsubscribe when you no longer want the subscription. This ensures that the subscription does not expire unless you wish to do so yourself. You only pay for the subscription period you choose and that means any remaining time is automatically added to your subscription period. Intro offers, etc. after expiry, it will automatically switch to normal. Subscription and the amount you have accepted will be deducted. The entire amount is charged at once.

Cardholder’s liability and liability relationship

Your registration is binding from the time you log into your user account on Travelmii.com. The cardholder is obligated to pay the full amount for the selected subscription period and future subscription cancellations, unless that subscription is canceled in accordance to the terms of this termination.

Procedure for renewal and deletion of card number

If you want to change the payment card on your subscription, you can do this through your account page on Travelmii.com when you are logged in. Here you can easily add your new card hereafter the subscription will be drawn on the new card in the future. If your debit card is closed or you receive a new one for another reason, your payment will not be processed and your Travelmii.com account will be closed for access to the contact information, etc. on Travelmii.com until the payment is subsequently processed correctly.

Liability & Disclaimer

Travelmii.com and the company Viorayio One ApS cannot by any means in case of delayed or lack of access to the portal incl. services when purchasing services by the user be held responsible but not limited to IT crashes or lack of access to IT systems, services, website, etc. offered to the customer,. as a result of events beyond our control (force majure).

Travelmii.com and Viorayio One ApS undertakes no responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of the available material on the portal or its use by third parties, whether due to errors or inconveniences in the information available or ad information provided or for other reasons.  

Content and other information on Travelmii.com is for guidance only. 

Information on this website may therefore contain inaccuracies or typos.

Travelmii.com undertakes no responsibility for the content of external websites linked to from the Travelmii.com portal. External links are an option for users, which is why Travelmii.com and Viorayio One ApS do not guarantee directly or indirectly the content/service of external websites.   

Data retention
We inform that Travelmii.com is required to store data/content to the extent required by law. 

Right of cancellation & refund

The statutory 14 day cancellation right is associated with your subscription to Travelmii.com. You can only cancel your subscription if you have not started using it within 14 days of signing up. You take your subscription/service in use at the time you complete the purchase/payment of Travelmii.com. However, you can log out of your account immediately after payment and contact Customer Service by phone or email during the stated hours and inform you that you have regretted your purchase. Therefore, do not log in to your account again afterwards. You have entered into a subscription agreement and there is only a right of cancellation at the conclusion of the agreement and not at the subsequent current payment. 

We do not provide refunds of paid membership periods if properly charged. If there is an error and you are charged after termination of your membership, we would like you to contact customer service who in such case will refund the amount charged. We do not refund any unused memberships if you do not get it used or similar for a period of time.

Your membership will be delivered immediately after you make payment, where you will be sent login details and receipts to the provided email address which you have filled out in connection with your registration.

Description of performance
The service you purchase is a membership that gives you access to our online discount code and deal universe, as well as all features and content available to members now and in the future, as long as you have an active membership with us.

Membership Gifts / Welcome Gifts
In connection with promotional campaigns, there may be welcome gifts that you as a member can receive a gift as a thank you for trying Travelmii.com at a special intro price in connection with a collaboration with an external partner company. Member gifts are not offered by Viorayio One ApS and all inquiries and claims for gifts must be made to the stated gift provider who announces the gifts. This information is provided on the campaign. It is solely your responsibility to provide correct address information and document through your customer area. If not, the gift cannot be delivered. The gift is subject to approved address and address documentation. This is done to minimize the risk of abuse and fraud. By signing up, you agree to the requirements for gifts, etc. is not directed to Viorayio One ApS, but to the gift provider, cf. the requirements and conditions that you are informed in connection with your registration. 

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